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Keynetics is an exclusive supplier of the SentriKey®, SentriGuard® and SentriKey® Care access control systems in the UK and Europe. Each of our key management solutions includes the most secure key safe on the UK market, a bespoke access management platform for each solution, and an app for key access.

Our key safes have been attack-tested by BRE, hold LPS1175 and Secured by Design accreditations, and have been approved for use on commercial properties.

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SentriKey® is much more than just a key safe. It combines the most secure key lockbox on the UK market with the cutting-edge technology that allows remote and traceable access management.

SentriGuard® is our latest new-generation solution. It includes all of the SentriKey® benefits as well as some new, enhanced features like key detection and a new access management platform with expanded capabilities.

Designed exclusively for the Domiciliary Care industry, SentriKey® Care options and features are tailored to meet the needs of everyone involved: local councils, care providers, plus clients and their families.


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What to consider when choosing a key management system?

Choosing the right key management solution for commercial use can be a difficult task and there are many elements to consider when making a decision.

Here are a few tips on what to pay attention to when selecting an access solution:

1. Security

A simple but critical consideration: How secure is the key safe of choice?

Most mechanical key safes are designed for residential, not commercial use and do not meet commercial grade security standards.

Many key safes can be easily removed from a location and opened, providing easy, unauthorised access to keys and your property.

One of the quickest ways of checking how easy it is to break into a certain type of a key safe is to simply… Google.  A number of popular lockbox brands have been featured in break-in tutorials on video platforms like YouTube.

However, even some self-proclaimed secure key safes, which you might have seen online, frequently fail to meet commercial grade specifications. They may even have obtained a safety certification. Best practice is to always verify who the certifying body is and whether it is industry approved.

All Keynetics key safes have been independently attack tested by BRE and have achieved a commercial grade of LPS1175, and Loss Prevention Standard by LPCB. Learn more.

2. Type: Mechanical, electronic, or fully digital access solution?

Each type of these key safes has pros and cons. While mechanical key safes are often cheaper, they do not provide the same level of security, and the access code must be manually changed.

A fully digital access solution can meet all necessary physical and digital safety regulations, but its deployment is extremely expensive, and requires the replacement of all keys and locks.

Electronic key safes are the golden middle. SentriKey® and SentriGuard® offer a secure and accredited solution that does not break the bank. Key and lock replacements are not required. The implementation and installation are quick and do not interfere with customers’ activities. However, safety levels are proven, and the use of technology for access, management and auditing via an app and a cloud-based platform offers an additional level of security.

3. Access management and technology

Another consideration is the technology used with a particular key safe model. The standard questions to ask are:

  • How can one access the keys? Is it necessary to enter a code manually or use an app to gain access?
  • Can I change access codes quickly or revoke someone’s access immediately when there is a security threat?
  • Can I monitor access and are there reports available?
  • Do I need to physically go to the lockbox to change the access code or upload access data for auditing?

All of this information can help you assess whether managing your key access with a particular solution would cause any further safety or administration issues.

Both SentriKey® and SentriGuard® access systems are designed to provide maximum security with centralised asset management. Find out how key safes are managed on the SentriKey® Access and SentriGuard® Access+ platforms.

4. Attention to detail... fixings!

Often overlooked as insignificant or secondary considerations, fixings play an important role and will determine how easy it is to remove a key safe from a wall.

Keynetics’ key safes are supplied and installed with appropriate heavy-duty fixings. In fact, a different fixing type will be supplied depending on the installation surface type: brick, cladding or steel.

5. Customer support

Once your purchase and the key safe installation are completed, is there any support available to you? Have you been supplied with guides and manuals on how to manage the system?

At Keynetics, we pride ourselves in the level of support we offer to our customers at all stages of our relationship. We are here to help and guide you from the initial enquiry to post-purchase technical assistance.

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