The Trusted & Traceable
Access Solution

Say goodbye to traditional keyholding

Replacing traditional key holding solutions


Keynetics was born to provide an unrivalled service teamed with an innovative platform to give confidence and peace of mind through remotely managed, real time, traceable access to property and vehicles.

The SentriKey® platform combined with the UK’s most secure key safe, ensures keys remain securely onsite – at the point of need and provides you with instant access, audits, reports and accountability.

40% Saving vs Traditional Keyholding Methods

Our clients have recorded significant cost savings, of up to 40% annually, when replacing traditional keyholding with the SentriKey system.

50% Carbon Footprint Reduction

Many of our clients are seeing a reduction in their carbon footprint of up to 50%.
This has been achieved by minimising journey times and resources compared to traditional key holding methods.

A Cost Efficient Reusable Product

Clients are able to continually move and reuse their SentriKey key safes, producing financial savings of up to 30% annually, compared to traditional key safes.

SentriKey – Quick, audited access every time

The only key safe in the UK approved for commercial properties

Providing Solutions for Keyholding Industries

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Solutions for alarm response, contractor access, visit verification and emergency access


Solutions for fleet & hire car management and alarm response

Vacant Property Services

Solutions for alarm response, contractor access & verification, missed visit charges and situational updates

Security Services

Solutions for key management, location mapping, responder safety and alarm response

Facilities Services

Solutions for lost keys, missed visit charges, contractor access and visit verification


Solutions for out of hours deliveries, alarm response, contractor access, staff safety and emergency access

Real Estate

Solutions for domestic & commercial real estate with flexible viewings, agent safety and key management

Community Care

Solutions for care scheduling, code management, emergency access and lost keys

The most secure keysafe in the uk

SentriKey® is
Secured by Design
accredited and meets the Police Preferred Specification

Rated the most secure access solution in UK

<strong>01</strong> Bluetooth Connectivity

Harnessing the power of Bluetooth, the SentriKey key safe provides flexible secure access through your mobile device.

<strong>02</strong> Code Management

The only electromechanical key safe with a key pad designed to enable one off access, granted through the use of designated flexible one day codes for cases such as emergency or contractor access.

<strong>03</strong> Security & Durability

The product meets Police Preferred Specification and is accredited by the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB).






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