Vacant and Void Property

Improve alarm response and property turnaround time

Vacant or void property can become a target for vandalism, trespassing and theft. Securing it with alarm systems is a must; however, call-out response time is critical, plus a patrol must ensure they have the right keys on hand.

Keynetics offers an ultimate access control solution that has been used on void properties across the UK and Europe and has shown to reduce alarm response times, and accelerate property turnaround time.

Our key management solutions are a perfect combination of the most secure key safe in the UK, attack tested and approved for use on commercial property, with a bespoke platform, which allows to manage and monitor access remotely. Keys can be accessed with an app by approved users only. Contractors can be issued with a one-off code to enter. All access is granted and revoked remotely in just a few clicks.

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A void office building

Effective key holding solutions with proven benefits

A graphic representing alarm response times that can be improved with Keynetics key safes

Improve your response time

Keys are secure, yet always available at the point of entry.

The nearest patrol can react to a call-out without a need to search for keys.

Quick property access in case of emergencies or for reactive maintenance – access can be granted remotely on short notice.

A graphic representing contractor missed visit charges that can be eliminated with a key safe at point of entry

No missed visit charges

Allow quick and secure access for contractors by issuing a code. Customise access duration from 30 minutes to 31 days.

Avoid missed appointment disputes – always know when keys have been accessed.

Grant and revoke access remotely in a matter of minutes.

A graphic representing lock changes

Eliminate key and lock replacements

A full audit trail of key handling is available on the platform.

See when keys have not been returned with a key detection feature.

Eliminate key handling off-site by contractors or colleagues.

A step closer to Net Zero

Reduce your carbon emissions with Keynetics! By storing keys on-site, you can address some of the sustainability challenges that you, your security services, and contractors face on a daily basis:

  • No need to collect keys from a central location or an assigned keyholder.
  • Traditionally, alarm responders keep keys in a van while on patrol, and only selected patrols are able to gain access to specific locations. When keys are kept on-site, the nearest patrol can arrive sooner, saving time and lowering emissions.

Our access solutions for Void Property

SentriKey® is much more than just a key safe. It combines the most secure key lockbox on the UK market with the cutting-edge technology that allows remote and traceable access management.

SentriGuard® is our latest new-generation solution. It includes all of the SentriKey® benefits as well as some new, enhanced features like key detection and a new access management platform with expanded capabilities.

Customer feedback:
£1,000,000 saved per year

“By utilising the SentriKey® system over the last twelve months, we have reduced our annual costs by a massive 90%! This saving came from improved time efficiencies around key retrieval, the elimination of missed visit charges, and a reduction in equipment and appliances being stolen from void properties. This also leading to a 60% improvement in property turn-around times.”  

A pie chart showing 90% reduction in missed contractor visits

The most secure key safes in the UK

Trusted by the key players in various industries, including Banking, Retail and Security Services, our SentriKey® and SentriGuard® key safes hold the accreditations acknowledged by the industry:

  • Secured by Design certified and meet the police preferred specification.
  • Attack-tested by BRE and meet the LPS1175 security standard by the Loss Prevention Certification Bureau (LPCB).

The only key safes in the UK approved for use at commercial properties.

LPCB logo showcasing SentriKey lockbox accreditation
Secured by Design logo - Sentrikey lockbox has been accredited by them
keynetics key safes have been BRE attack tested graphic





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