Integrated Service Delivery


  • - Remotely manage access of responders
  • - Grant one use codes for emergency access
  • - Provide text message notifications to family and friends
  • - Maintain a fully auditable trail of access


  • - Easy to install, uninstall and manage assets
  • - Share access to lockboxes across multiple departments
  • - Recycle and relocate lockboxes between properties
  • - Full traceability; record access, time, date and duration of visit


  • - Monitor services delivered by integrated departments
  • - Grant access to multi-disciplinary teams
  • - Remotely update access permissions of users
  • - Works as lone worker back up to safe guard employees


  • - Receive text notifications when a lockbox is accessed
  • - Carers access immediately revoked if no longer providing care
  • - Individual app eliminates the need for shared codes
  • - Police Accredited secure storage of keys

The SentriKey® system aims to assist in the integration of service delivery for clients that receive support in their own homes.