Community Care

A secure and cost-effective alternative to mechanical key safes

When organising care for vulnerable clients, property access for home visits is a simple yet a very important consideration. It must be easy to use, quick but secure, and most importantly – cost-effective.

For years, a common practice has been to install a mechanical key safe near the entry to a client’s home. However, this can cause a number of issues. First, such key safes are extremely easy to break into. Plus, caregivers often write down these codes, alongside with client names and addresses, and carry this information around throughout their day. These records can be lost or stolen, which jeopardises safety of vulnerable clients and their valuables.

Keynetics offers a bespoke, cost-effective solution with many features that help address such issues. A combination of the securest key safe in the UK, which meets the Police Preferred Specifications, with an app to open key safes adds a significant layer of security for clients’ protection.

The system is fully traceable on a cloud-based platform, which allows granting and revoking access remotely in a matter of minutes.

The SentriKey® Care access solution is used by local councils that organise care and care providers, who carry out home visits.

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Home visit key safes for care - a carer with a client

SentriKey® Care Benefits

A graphic representing cost-saving when using sentrikey care acces ssytem

A cost-effective alternative to mechanical key safes

Implement a more secure, fully traceable key access system without breaking the bank. An ideal cost-effective solution with many advantages over mechanical key safes.

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Unbeatable security with the most secure key safes

Our key safes meet the police recognised standards for security. They have been independently attack-tested by BRE and are LPS1175 accredited.

Families can get visit notifications when using sentrikey care

Visit notifications for families

Set up automatic patient visit notifications that are sent to family members or other next of kin.

Key safe access report graphic

Full visit tracking & access reports

Always know if and when a patient has been visited. The system allows seeing visit times and the care provider’s details.

Reduce carbon emissions with sentrikey graphic

No missed visits

Keys are always at the point of entry and there is no need to use a key safe code, which can be lost or accidentally shared with a third party.

A graphic for key safe installation service

Installation service

Keynetics offers an installation service anywhere in the UK.

A graphic for care visit calendar on Sentrikey Care platform

Visit calendar

A visit calendar on the platform allows viewing of all past and upcoming visits and their status: completed, missed, arrived late, visit completed or unable to provide care.

A certificate graphic to represent full training support for Sentrikey care platform

Full system training

Keynetics has developed a Champions Training Programme with a range of materials, including guides and video tutorials, for a smooth transition and full confidence in managing the system and using the app.

Learn more about the SentriKey® Care solution

Designed exclusively for the Domiciliary Care industry, SentriKey® Care options and features are tailored to meet the needs of everyone involved: local councils, care providers, plus clients and their families.

An access system used for Community Care throughout the UK

SentriKey® Care is deployed by multiple local councils across the country, deployed for client care. Used for home visits after hospital discharge, adult social care, complex care, telecare and much more, our key management solutions have proven to be effective, secure and, most importantly, fully traceable.

With every visit’s entry and exit times recorded, and automatic messages sent to the clients’ loved ones every time a visit takes place, SentriKey® Care offers piece of mind to everyone involved in the care process.

Community care key safe case study image: a residential house

The most secure key safes in the UK

Trusted by the key players in various industries, including Banking, Retail and Security Services, our SentriKey® and SentriGuard® key safes hold accreditations acknowledged by the industry:

  • Secured by Design certified and meet the police preferred specification.
  • Attack-tested by BRE and meet the LPS1175 security standard by the Loss Prevention Certification Bureau (LPCB).

The only key safes in the UK approved for use at commercial properties.

LPCB logo showcasing SentriKey lockbox accreditation
Secured by Design logo - Sentrikey lockbox has been accredited by them
keynetics key safes have been BRE attack tested graphic





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