Frequently Asked Questions

Key safes

Are Keynetics key safes easy to install?

Both SentriKey® and SentriGuard® key safes are very simple to install and only require the installer to use tools that can be found in any DIY store.

However, if in doubt, contact us – we offer an affordable installation service throughout the UK and Ireland.

Are Keynetics key safes accredited?

Keynetics key safes have met the Police Preferred Specification, an accreditations scheme by Secured by Design. Both SentriKey® and SentriGuard® have been tested under the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) LPS 1175 standard and have achieved an attack resistance grade that makes them the only key safes in the UK to be approved for use on commercial property.

LPS 1175 (Loss Prevention Standard) is the specification for testing and classifying the burglary resistance of building components, strong-points and security enclosures and is a nominated test recognised by Secured by Design.

How are Keynetics key safes powered?

Our key safes are powered by easily replacable internal batteries. The SentriKey® batteries have a lifespan of approximately 5,000 cycles, while the SentriGuard® batteries last up to 8,500 cycles.

When a key safe runs low on battery power, the administrator will receive a notification and the batteries can be replaced on site. If the batteries are completely depleted before being replaced, an external power supply can be plugged in to open the key compartment.

Are SentriKey® and SentriGuard® key safes waterproof?

Both SentriKey® and SentriGuard® have weatherproof design. However, they are not designed to be submerged in water. They are manufactured to work in the most demanding environments with temperatures ranging from -30°C to +55°C.

It is recommended to install key safes away from areas prone to flooding, however general weather conditions will not cause any problems with the performance of the lockbox.

How do I access keys stored in a Keynetics key safe?

Authorised users can access a key safe through a user-friendly app:

  1. Press enter on the key safe.
  2. Enter your unique password on the app.
  3. Bluetooth connection between the app and lockbox opens the key compartment.

Don’t forget to close the key safe once you have retrieved the keys!

Is key safe access recorded?

Both SentriKey® and SentriGuard® systems are managed through a bespoke cloud-based platform, which tracks access of the key safes. When a key safe is opened with the app, user’s mobile device uses Bluetooth to communicate with the key safe. The data is then transferred to the mobile device and automatically uploaded onto the administration platform.

How easy is it to remove permission to a Keynetics key safe?

You can remove a person’s access rights to key safes through the platform remotely and in a matter of minutes. Once you have updated individual’s access rights, they will no longer be able to access a specific key safe and their settings will be updated in their mobile app too.

Who can use a SentriKey® or SentriGuard® key safe?

Anybody who is authorised to do so and has been given permission by the platform administrator who manages access to the specific key safe.

Does everyone have the same code to access a key safe?

Authorised users gain access to a key safe via their mobile device, using their own app password. However, manually entered key safes codes can be granted for emergency access by specific individuals. Every generated access code is bespoke to a particular person and can be tracked on the platform.

App for key safe access

How do I access the app?

The key safe access app can be downloaded from both the iOS and Android Play Store. A direct link to the app can be found on the relevant pages in Our Solutions section of this website.

Will the app still work if I have no signal?

The app and key safes are linked using a localised Bluetooth connection. The date is then uploaded from the mobile device to the administration site using the devices mobile connection, once it is restored. This means that if a key safe is located in remote areas with no mobile signal, the app can still open the key safe, and the data upload will take place once you are back in an area of connectivity.

General enquiries

How do I contact Keynetics Customer Support

Our technical support team are always on hand to assist with any enquiries, please contact them on 01684 219096 or alternatively email

Where can I purchase Keynetics key safes?

You can purchase SentriKey® and SentriGuard® directly from us.

As part of the process, we will provide full system training and you will have a dedicated Account Manager, who will assist you with your queries.  Please contact our friendly team for more information: 01684 219090 or by emailing

Do SentriKey® and SentriGuard® come with a warranty?

Our access control systems are covered by a full service warranty. Please contact us if you would like further information.