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Hounslow Council using innovation to manage temporary accommodation

SentriKey® Innovating Housing Services

Local housing authorities have a duty to secure accommodation for homeless households in priority need. Households might be placed in temporary accommodation for various reasons but those that use the service are doing so as a stop gap while waiting to secure suitable long-term accommodation.

68% of 79,880 households placed in temporary accommodation

According to official statistics, published on 27 June 2018, there was a recorded 79,880 households in temporary accommodation at the end of March 2018, representing a 65% increase since the first quarter of 2010. 68% of these households were placed in temporary accommodation in London. With such demand on councils to find suitable accommodation for households, Hounslow have been trialing an innovative solution by SentriKey® to assist in the
running and upkeep of their temporary accommodation stock.

By using SentriKey® to manage repairs and maintenance access, they are experiencing a faster resolution to call outs by ensuring the keys are always on site without needing to meet someone or visit a central location to sign for a set of keys.James Montgomery-Heffernan from Hounslow Council, Project Manager for the trial said “SentriKey® has been a valuable new addition to the way our temporary stock is managed, we can see through the system when maintenance visits have happened and give specialist contractors visiting out of hours, a one day code that is only available for a limited time before it expires. We also have found that the housing team are using the system to record their quarterly visits, which is part their compliance requirement”.

“the system has helped us to manage our access protocols in a much more intelligent way….”

“we are now working on new projects to implement SentriKey® across a number of different council services”.


Supporting Lewisham’s Enablement Team

Using new technology to deliver better patient outcomes

In Lewisham a team of dedicated enablement officers are becoming trail blazers in the use of technology to monitor care and support.

The six-week service they provide supports people who are discharged from hospital and need some extra help to live in their own homes. The dedicated team spend time working with clients to slowly regain their confidence and within the six weeks or less, manage to become independent again.

Lewisham’s experience of SentriKey®

The enablement team have been using the service to evidence the level of support they are providing for each client and to be able to see over the course of time, the reduction in the amount of hands-on time a client needs from the team.

They found the system easy to use because they weren’t doing anything different during their visit. Just by opening the SentriKey® key safe to use the key to the client’s home, it was recording their visit and back at the office, they were able to review a client’s care package and monitor their usage of the service.

They also set up the text notifications as a quick way to receive an alert that a member of the team had finished their visit and was now available.

Michele Oliver-Lockwood, Service Manager of the Lewisham Enablement and Telecare Services said “Working with SentriKey® has had a positive impact on the way we are delivering services, we have a clearer picture of the level of support our clients are receiving and we now have the flexibility of knowing when a member of the team has completed their visit and are available for any other calls.

Key safe codes have also been a problem in the past…

even quite recently we had a client who had a mechanical key safe and the code had been changed without letting anyone know, which meant that a paramedic wasn’t able to get in when it was quite critical. With SentriKey® we don’t have this issue as emergency access is controlled centrally.

As a Service Manager responsible for other frontline services within adult social care I am considering other innovative ways where the SentriKey® product could be used to increase efficiency and reduce waste”.