What is SentriKey®?

The SentriKey® electronic lockbox is so much more than just a key safe, it is a level 2, police accredited, secure storage device that is easily fixed to the outside of the home.

The tried and tested, patented technology of the SentriKey®, utilises an easy to use app, allowing access for authorised users only and removing the code management security issues of mechanical key safes.

The auditability of the SentriKey® and its users, enables full monitoring and control of access, along with assisting in asset management control.

The simple to use SentriKey® software platform, has been specifically designed for use in the UK’s health and social care market. The system allows multiple person access, enabling joined up care across the spectrum of health and social care professionals, by using only one SentriKey® lockbox per property and each user having their own access code.

SentriKey® also helps reassure the families of those being cared for, with its ability to send a notification SMS message if required, to a designated mobile number every time the SentriKey® has been accessed, providing peace of mind for loved ones.

The lone worker alert, integrated into the SentriKey® app at no extra charge, helps keep those providing care and assistance safe, by offering an increased level of protection.

By applying the latest developments in technology, SentriKey® brings key safes into the 21st Century and provides safe, controllable access, for those dedicated professionals delivering joined up care into the homes of those who need it the most in our communities.

So much more than just a key safe

Secure storage of keys outside the home environment

The SentriKey® lockbox is the only Police Accredited LPS 1175 Security rating 2 key safe with a functioning key pad currently available on the UK market. It can be fitted onto outside substrates making it the most secure key safe available for use by local authorities.

Code Management

The SentriKey® system provides real time controllable access and the ability to change and manage all access permissions from a remote location. Accessibility through a mobile phone app, as well as one off code generation, means the issue of a single mechanical key safe code being known by multiple people is removed.

Auditable usage and notification of access

The SentriKey® lockbox provides a full audit trail of access allowing you to know who has visited a property, when they attended and how long they stayed. With its SMS notification service, the SentriKey® provides peace of mind for the loved ones of those being cared for.

One key safe to allow access for all

The ability of the SentriKey® lockbox to allow secure access for multiple individuals and provider agencies, removes the issue of multiple mechanical key safe purchases. All users can gain access through a single SentriKey® lockbox, which could support better integration of service delivery.

Asset Management

The SentriKey® lockbox provides an online system for allocating lockboxes to properties, therefore allowing full visibility of SentriKey® locations. The SentriKey® web based platform will assist with inventory of product and asset management through track and trace reports.

Access to Care

The capability of the SentriKey® lockbox to allow secure access for multiple individuals could help facilitate more integrated joined up care in the community, by allowing health and social care professionals to join together in treating people in their own homes.

24 Hour Support

SentriKey® offers 24 hour customer support so you can contact us any time you need help or support, ensuring there is always someone here to help you, even on bank holidays.