SentriKey® Lockbox

Peace of mind for clients and their service providers

The SentriKey® Lockbox is so much more than just a key safe. It is a level 2, police accredited, secure storage device that joins up care. But that is not all, fixed to the outside of your home, the user friendly SentriKey® Lockbox will enable care services to visit without having to share a fixed code to gain access.

We recognise the importance of secure access to people’s homes and the value that comes from reassuring clients that you are managing their care and not putting them in unnecessary risk.

So how does it work? Quite simply.

  1. Each service provider uses the SentriKey® App on their smart phone to enter their unique PIN code (similar to a bank card PIN).
  2. As long as they have been authorised to open the lockbox and the PIN is correct, it will allow them to access the key from the SentriKey® Lockbox, providing an additional layer of security for both the client and service provider.
  3. The details of the visitor are logged on the platform – making it easy to verify visits have taken place.

For more information about how the lockbox works, visit the FAQ pages.

What about for emergency and unplanned visitors? The One Day Code feature allows system administrators to generate a code, and allow visitors to access, by entering the code into the keypad on the lockbox. This feature gives greater flexibility in providing access at the same time as maintaining control and client security.

Contact us to find out more about how this works.

SentriKey® Wall Mounted

This solution is ideal for short or long-term care delivery. The wall mounted lockbox comes with the fixings required for maintaining the Police Accreditation. It is easy to install, ensuring that you can start using it immediately.

Watch the video to see how easy installation is.

Watch the video

SentriKey® Portable

Quite often being able to organise a care plan for the client so they can remain in their own home, or return after a stay in hospital can be the most important part of their recovery.

An ideal solution to help a client to return home or for temporary support is the SentriKey® Portable Lockbox. Working in the same way as the wall mounted solution and offering the same versatility in managing access. The lockbox has a removable steel hasp that allows you to hook it over a permanent structure like a handrail, providing a useful solution when there is a need to organise care out of hours’ and whilst setting up a permanent support package.


The SentriKey® Lockbox can always be located by viewing their unique serial number on the SentriKey® Platform. Knowing where your lockboxes are installed provides you with a distinct advantage over mechanical key safes. SentriKey® Lockboxes are designed to be treated as an asset to your business that can be moved across different locations – ensuring that a lockbox will never go to waste.