SentriKey® Care

Managing support visits

When organising a client’s support package, this can involve coordinating multiple agencies and creating a pathway to services, ensuring person centred care is at the heart of the decision-making process. Integral to this, case managers, social workers and other coordinators want to be able to measure and promote effective service delivery and excellent quality client outcomes.

SentriKey® Care allows coordinators to allocate individual service partners to each client they will be providing support to. Once the schedule has been created, reports and missed visits can be monitored and performance tracked against the agreed contract. All being seamlessly done through the SentriKey® Platform and the use of the SentriKey® Lockbox.

But, this is not the only advantage of SentriKey® Care. With an easy view dashboard for administrators, and an optional notes section for viewing and recording client information, the system offers a flexible way to manage client’s support.

Find out more about SentriKey® Care’s three core features:

SentriKey® Dashboard

Having the correct information is key to making the right decisions. Administrators need to be able to keep a finger on the pulse of service delivery. The dashboard view allows coordinators to see instantly if, for example, visits have been missed or clients are waiting for the service to be set up and then take appropriate actions.

SentriKey® Scheduling

Setting up a service to provide support is easy and will help to quickly give providers access to the client. Parameters can be set to ensure you automatically receive missed visit alerts to the dashboard, keeping you in control of the day to day appointments. Letting you make decisions quickly and efficiently.

SentriKey® Notes

Notes are useful to share observations and information about clients or their service during visits. These notes are then accessible to administrators through the platform. Administrators also have the added benefit of being able to edit notes or add further notes directly form the SentriKey® Platform, this can help with daily communication between teams.