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When it comes to caring for vulnerable clients, we know how important security is for the client’s family members and local authorities alike. SentriKey® is the key management system which allows entry for authorised users by enabling you to grant access remotely.


With the latest bluetooth-enabled technology, multidisciplinary teams can coordinate a client’s care plan and ensure secure access is given to those providing care and support.


The SentriKey® system provides solutions for Community Care keyholding issues

Code Management

Revoke account access at the click of a button when changing care plans and staff. All usage is completely traceable and controllable ensuring top level approved access at all times.

Problems Faced

One code number known by multiple parties that can be shared with anyone. This can present a major threat to the homeowner / client safety.

A Keynetics Solution

No visible codes; only individual pin codes assigned to approved responders. Client’s safety assured. SentriKey® provides the peace of mind that only approved responders are able to access clients homes!

Automated SMS Notifications

Enable automated email and SMS notifications to loved ones in real time when visits start and end.

Problems Faced

Clients loved ones live or work away; they want to know if their loved one has had a visit and is safe.

A Keynetics Solution

SentriKey® provides free automated SMS or email notifications so loved ones know when visits have started or finished in real-time.

Emergency Access for Emergency Responders

Grant flexible, traceable and unique one day codes to provide access for emergency and unplanned visits.

Problems Faced

Unavoidable delays for designated keyholders to attend property resulting in patient injury or worse.

A Keynetics Solution

Responders can be granted access to SentriKey® and can instantly gain access to the client’s home, ensuring they are able to treat the client straight away and avoid additional medical complications.

The most secure keysafe in the uk

SentriKey® is
Secured by Design
accredited and meets the Police Preferred Specification

Lost keys

A full audit trail of key management by enabling key tracking and receiving missing key notifications.

Problems Faced

Service providers visiting clients and keys not available; No one knows where the keys are or who has them. All of this creates not only logistical and time management issues, but considerable cost and worry for clients.

A Keynetics Solution

You will receive an alert if a key is not returned to the box. A full audit trail of access with the last person to have the key identified and traced. 

Care Scheduling

Gain insight into client services, tracking late, missing or early visits and promoting better outcomes for your clients.

Problems Faced

Local Authorities don’t know if their service providers are delivering services to clients.

A Keynetics Solution

SentriKey® provides a wide range of data and reports, ensuring access history, service delivery and care scheduling all aligned in one easy to manage system.

COVID-19 Compliance

In light of the 2020 pandemic, our systems are built within compliance of COVID-19 and offer better care for users.

Problems Faced

Need to trace people who have been in contact with COVID-19 positive individuals.

A Keynetics Solution

SentriKey®provides building access evidence to assist with individual contact tracing.

The SentriKey® system runs in the cloud as you get on with running your business.


If you are interested in seeing more on how Keynetics can help your business run more efficiently and securely with SentriKey® then please do get in touch.

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