Frequently Asked Questions

Please read our FAQ's if you require any further information about the SentriKey® or the service we provide. If your question is not listed then please contact us, as we are happy to help.

The SentriKey® lockbox is so much more than just a key safe, it is a level 2, police accredited, secure electronic key storage device that is easily fixed to the outside of the home environment. The tried and tested, patented technology of the SentriKey®, utilises an easy to use app, allowing access for authorised users only and removing the code management security issue of mechanical key safes.

A SentriKey® lockbox is a secure means to store a key outside a house with the additional benefits of safe, controllable access, for those dedicated professionals delivering joined-up care into the homes of those who need it the most in our communities.

The SentriKey® lockbox is simple to install as it only requires the installer to use tools that can be found in any DIY store. Watch this installation video to see how it’s as Easy as 1, 2, 3 SentriKey®.

Watch the video

SentriKey®’s lockbox Police Accreditation is a status awarded to companies producing security products that pass standards and tests nominated by the police service through the Secured by Design Scheme.

The SentriKey® has been tested under the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) LPS 1175 standard and has achieved security rating 2. LPS 1175 (Loss Prevention Standard) is the specification for testing and classifying the burglary resistance of building components, strong-points and security enclosures and is a nominated test recognised by the police service.

SentriKey® allows authorised users to access the lockbox through an easy to use app that guides you through a simple step by step process to access the keys. ‘It’s as easy as 1,2,3 SentriKey®’

  1. Press enter on the lockbox,
  2. Enter your unique access code on the app,
  3. Bluetooth connection between the app and lockbox opens the key compartment

The SentriKey® lockbox is powered by easily replaced internal batteries, that are provided free as part of the service level agreement. The batteries have a lifespan of aproximately 5,000 cycles. When the SentriKey® is running low on battery power the administrator will receive a notification and the batteries can be replaced on site at the property. If the batteries are completely depleted before being replaced, it is possible to plug in an external power supply to open the key compartment. This external power supply will be provided at no extra cost to customers.

The SentriKey® administration site allows full control of SentriKey® lockboxes and users. It enables full monitoring and control of access, along with assisting in asset management control. Watch this video to see how easy it is to manage the SentriKey® System.

Watch the video

The SentriKey® system is managed through an administration site which tracks access of the lockbox. When the lockbox is opened with the user’s app personal code, their mobile device uses it’s Bluetooth to communicate with the lockbox. The data stored on the lockbox is then transferred to the device and automatically uploaded onto the administration platform.

You can remove a person’s access rights to lockboxes through the SentriKey® administration site. Once you have updated their rights on the administration site, the next time that person opens the SentriKey® app on their mobile device, their settings are updated, instantly removing their access rights to the lockboxes.

Anybody who is authorised to do so and has been given permission by the SentriKey® administrator.

The SentriKey® app can be downloaded from both the iOS and Android Play Store.

You can contact our 24-hour support team by phone or email. For general enquiries go to our contact page for further information.

SentriKey® authorised users gain access to a lockbox via their own individual personal code by using the app downloaded onto their mobile device. There is no need to share codes or carry lists of codes for individual lockboxes as the person’s own code will work on any lockboxes that they have been given authority to access.

The SentriKey® lockbox has been designed to be weatherproof but is not designed to be submerged in water. It is manufactured to work in environments that are between -30c degrees and +85c degrees. It is recommended that you install the lockbox away from areas prone to flooding, however general weather conditions will not cause any problems with the performance of the lockbox.

SentriKey® works using Bluetooth technology, this means that it connects with the mobile device using a localised Bluetooth connection. Information between the mobile device and lockbox are exchanged via the Bluetooth connection and then uploaded from the mobile device to the administration site using the devices mobile connection. This means that if the lockbox is sited where there is no mobile connectivity, the app can still open the lockbox and will upload the data once it is back in an area of connectivity.

SentriKey® is available to organisation’s that have a need to control access to multiple properties. Please contact our friendly team for more information: 01684 219290 or by emailing

The SentriKey® system is covered by a full service warranty. Please contact us if you would like further information.