Blended Working ar Keynetics

Demand for office space in the UK could drop by up to 50 percent as more businesses realise the value of flexibility post-Covid-19 according to a report by commercial property specialists “Instant Offices”.  With 60 percent of the UK workforce working from home during peak lockdown and millions of businesses struggling to cover overheads, offices across the country have been left standing empty.

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Whether they were ready for it or not, Covid-19 forced business leaders and employees to embrace remote working, with many discovering unforeseen benefits. To manage costs, a Gartner report shows over 70 percent of chief financial officers are planning to move part of their on-site workforce into remote roles post-Covid.

In a report for The Instant Group, it is predicted that on the other side of lockdown, regular remote working could become the norm for up to 50 percent of the UK workforce in the long-term, reducing the need for one central office space. Instead, we will see more people working from multiple flexible spaces engaging in “Blended Working”.

This will have a significant impact on corporate footprint requirements, but for companies to transition smoothly, considerable planning is needed to manage this change, including daily online wellness checks, and assigned arrival times at the office to avoid bottlenecks.  Looking ahead is critical to success, Sentrikey from Keynetics in one such solution.  Staff can come and go freely without the need for multiple Key Holders.  The ability to assign access to different users on different days whilst monitoring usage through a central hub will be paramount to ensure everyone’s safety during this transition and into the future.

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