SentriKey® Safety Monitor

For any mobile or remote member of the team that is carrying out visits to client’s homes or empty properties, their safety and security can be of paramount importance.

The SentriKey® Safety Monitor is available to anyone who is using the SentriKey® App. The feature is activated from within the settings and is available to start using instantly.

Simple to use, easy to manage

Once created, it will send text and email notifications to any contacts within your smart phone that you have selected to receive alerts. Enabled users can ‘check-in’ on the app after accessing the SentriKey® Lockbox.

How does it work?

Once activated the user has the option to start the safety monitor when entering a property. The user will then receive alerts at 90 second intervals to confirm their status. If at any of these check points, they are not comfortable, a notification will be discreetly sent to their contacts, letting them know their location.

To find out more about SentriKey® Safety Monitor contact us.