SentriKey® Locator

Seeing services in a whole new way. Through technology, we’re making it easier for you to see your community service through the use of maps. SentriKey® Locator provides a view of lockboxes and clients on the SentriKey® Platform. By visualising the data in a way that can be easily understood, you can effectively manage clients support and make better, more informed decisions about the service you are delivering.

View your SentriKey® System in two unique type of maps:

Client Locator

View all clients or search for a specific client and then click on their details to go directly to their record. A simple way to navigate, locate and manage client information.

Lockbox Locator

Instantly view the location of your lockboxes. SentriKey® Locator gives you a unique view of the location of all the lockboxes you have installed. Knowing where your lockboxes are located, provides you with a distinct advantage over mechanical key safes, giving you the flexibility to manage SentriKey® Lockboxes as a moveable asset.