SentriKey® Family & Friends

Imagine a world where family and friends receive a text or email notifications to let them know that Meals on Wheels has delivered food for Mum, or the district nurse is visiting Dad. At SentriKey® we recognise the importance family and friends play in their loved one’s care, and wellbeing. Whether they live close by or far away, text and email notifications provide peace of mind, reassuring them that their loved one is being looked after.

Notifications to Family & Friends

Up to 5 family and friends can take advantage of this free service, and be set up as contacts to receive immediate communication via text and email notifications. Individuals are added either through the SentriKey® Platform or directly through the SentriKey® App, this service can be agreed with the client and their loved one’s during assessments or later when they have had time to consider who they would prefer to receive the text message notifications.