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The SentriKey® Lockbox system is the UK’s most secure key safe matched with an unrivalled intuitive platform and app providing approved users secure key access which is traceable and audited.



The SentriKey® system provides key holding solutions for the Automotive Industry

Quicker alarm responses

Providers using SentriKey® documented over a 65% reduction in their response times by keeping the access key securely available in the SentriKey® lockbox with approved access for responders.

Problems Faced

  • Alarm response contractors charging up to £300 a year just to hold/store your key.
  • Responders driving around large territories with your key in a van, delaying response times and increasing potential losses/damages to you.
  • Not knowing exactly when they get to a site, how long they spend and when they leave; also not knowing if they are safe.

A Keynetics Solution

No need for alarm responder to store your key so no key holding charge! Dramatically reduced response times as nearest responder can respond and you know when they get there, how long they are onsite and when they leave, all audited by the SentriKey® system. The people safety feature also gives you peace of mind, knowing they are safe on site. 

Fleet car management solutions

Do you manage multiple vehicles onsite and have the logistical nightmare of key management for each vehicle? By using SentriKey® you remove the risk of missing or lost keys, multiple sets of keys and therefore delaying response time impacting customer service.

Problems Faced

  • Thousands of cars on site, thousands of keys, logistical and key management nightmare!

A Keynetics Solution

Using the SentriKey® Lockbox and Automotive Bracket to store each key on each car, allows easy transport, storage and allocation. From dockside, to compound, showroom and then customer, SentriKey® is the only secure way of managing and tracking your vehicle fleet, saving you time, money and worry!

The SentriKey® system runs in the cloud as you get on with running your business.

Hire Car management solutions

Avoid out of hours management and waiting times looking for customer keys. The client can be provided with a one off code to locate and access their vehicle which can be fully audited from moment of use.

Problems Faced

  • Out of hours customer collection and drop off needed.
  • Queues and hassle for customers wanting to get their vehicles.
  • Time, money and customer goodwill wasted.

A Keynetics Solution

The SentriKey® range of fixed, portable and automotive bracket options allow complete coverage and management of your fleet! Online vehicle ordering and App use or one time usage codes, allow a smooth and easy customer experience while providing you with a fully auditable and controllable access solution.

COVID-19 Compliance

In light of the 2020 pandemic, our systems are built within compliance of COVID-19 and offer better care for users.

Problems Faced

Need to trace people who have been in contact with COVID-19 positive individuals.

A Keynetics Solution

SentriKey®provides building access evidence to assist with individual contact tracing.


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