SentriKey® App

Easy connection for users to the Lockbox via mobile

Our simple to use App allows authorised users access to designated lockboxes using Bluetooth® technology. This is done in the following way:

Administrators register users through the SentriKey® Platform. Once registered users can download and log into the SentriKey® App on their mobile device. Now they are ready to start using the SentriKey® App to access lockboxes.

The SentriKey® App not only provides access to the lockbox, it also uploads data in real-time to the SentriKey® Platform. So, any information relating to visits can be seen by administrators using the platform.

Safety Monitor

User safety is at the heart of the app. The safety of lone working staff can be supported using the SentriKey® Safety Monitor. This feature allows workers to confirm whether they feel comfortable in the property they have entered, if they feel unsafe they are able to send a silent alert to their confirmed emergency contacts. This gives greater peace of mind to staff working in a variety of different locations.

Download the SentriKey® App for your IOS or Android device now, simply click the appropriate link below.